StructureOnline, Inc. is the first software company focused exclusively on the structured settlements industry. Our innovative patent-pending suite of products and services is aimed at giving structured settlement brokers, life insurance companies and claims organizations the tools to provide structured settlements efficiently and with the highest degree of quality. StructureOnline’s unique approach enables parties involved in structured settlements to collaborate interactively in the process and to work more efficiently. Our tools allow the parties to focus on the quality of the settlement, not the paperwork. In addition, StructureOnline’s e-Business capabilities allow structure brokers and life companies to reach efficiently into new markets for structured settlement cases. This brings a valuable settlement tool to more situations.

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We are the first multi-broker workflow software provider delivering technical services in the Structured Settlement industry. Learn more about us.

Member of:
NSSTA- National Structured Settlements Trade Association
SSP- Society of Settlement Planners
AAPD- American Association of People with Disabilities

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